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Inetpact specializes in providing flexible, high-quality customer support solutions with an emphasis on inbound and outbound communication channels.  We are making a difference in the Call Center marketplace through proven customer management solutions.

It is our intent to develop quality relationship with our employees and clients. The primary goal is making a difference with each contact we engage in through any medium. We strive to set standards of excellence for the work we deliver, which exemplify our dedication to our goals.

Our Approach

Our business strategy encompasses building long-term client relationships, capitalizing on our expert team and leveraging our depth of relevant experience.

Project Management

We maintain consistent control and monitoring of the Account to evaluate KPIs on regular basis. This process aided by tools and technologies in place to improvise the way we do business and maintain quality.

Quality Management

Our QA and support team ensures that our customers should always receive a high level of quality and care regardless of the communication medium. This includes calibration session, sharing KPIs with customers and remote monitoring.

Inbound Call Center Services

Customer service is the backbone to the success of every business. At Inetpact, we believe that key to a successful inbound service is having customer service representatives who really understand your product or service domain. Our focus is to recruit, hire, train, and manage those professionals for you who have the natural skills to deliver exceptional customer care while generating more revenue for your business.

Whether it is customer service, order taking, issue resolution, billing inquiry, or customer care, our inbound call center services are seamless and transparent to your customers and work as an extension of your company. We enable you to augment your customer care expertise, so you can focus on critical activities and enjoy significant cost savings. At Inetpact, we offer a wide array of services including:


Customer Care

Inetpact assures that your customers are handled competently, and we should maintain your brand’s voice and culture to create a personal and aligned contact center. For excellent customer service, our agents undergo extensive training focusing on core skills, Read More...

computer skills, customer service and communication skills. With this, our customer service outsourcing agents, whether for inbound, outbound, or appointment setting accounts, are fully equipped and capable to turn any complaints and inquiries into positive and well-handled contact.
Technical Support & Complaint Management

With our advanced tools and services handled by committed teams, we ensure your presences for your prestige customer round the clock. Our out of the box methodology can effortlessly turn an account complain or a question into a positive, well-handled inquiry.

Orders Processing

With our advanced tools and services handled by committed teams, we ensure your presences for your prestige customer round the clock. Our out of the box methodology can effortlessly turn an account complain or a question into a positive, well-handled inquiry.

Inbound Telemarketing

At Inetpact, advertise your products via telemarketing. Let our professionals call people, tell them all about your service, and persuade them that it is exactly what they need right now. We do not push anyone to buy from your company, Read More...

as we do not want your brand to annoy people. We just thoroughly learn all the information about your products and services and present the information carefully to each potential client.

Outbound Call Center Services

Inetpact specialize in providing Telemarketing Services to clients in industries such as Financial, Residential Services, Technology, Consumer Products and Business Services.  The focal areas are telemarketing, lead generation, outbound sales, appointment setting, database management & market research.

At Inetpact, we can significantly enhance the performance of your sales and marketing teams by harnessing the power of an external call center partner to provide outbound lead generation and telemarketing services.  We can also help to connect your business with customers to increase sales and develop good client relationships. Our call center will represent you in a professional manner and increase your ROI from the very first call.

01 | Lead Generation & Sales

Inetpact team manage all the tasks involved with lead generation, such as identifying the right contact person, exploring the availability of key decision makers, and pre-qualifying leads. Our highly trained lead generation call center staff identifies the core decision makers at the prospect companies or households and figures out the best time to reach key targets. Read More...

Our business team educate prospects on the benefits of conducting business with our client company; pre-qualify their needs and timetable for making a purchase, and set up interested parties with our customer sales staff.

02 | Appointment Setting

Our appointment setting professionals have the skills and training to rapidly call prospects in our client target markets and gain access to key decision makers. Once contact with decision makers has been made, our appointment setters know the triggers to use in order to get the high quality sales appointments that help you close more deals

03 | Surveys

Customer surveys are a valuable tool to gauge the customers’ ever-changing needs and demands.  At Inetpact, we offer companies the ability to conduct customer surveys using live, professional, and courteous call agents.  Read More...

Our Outbound call agents are specifically trained for the customer-desired campaign and are dedicated to that campaign providing a focused and professional service tailored to the customer company’s demands.

04 | Market Research

We understand that it is essential to recognize market needs, market size and competitors, thus market research becomes an important component of any business segment.  We at Inetpact, specialize in conducting research, data analysis and drawing conclusions on behalf of our customer.

05 | Collections

Inetpact has a team of skilled and experienced agents for effective collections and recoveries. We, at Inetpact, make sure that our collection services are outstanding while offering maximum ROI to the clients.  Read More...

This mainly include:

  • Recover bad debts or send reminders for outstanding payments
  • Prompt follow up and clear accountability of the collections
  • Increase the debt recoveries ratios with our recovery calling agents 

Our Services


Thanks to technology; life and business often deviate from the traditional business hours, so can your support. We operate 24/7/365 at no additional cost in order to meet our clients international support needs.

Communication Channels

Using our AI enabled contact center software; we are able to deliver multiple communication channels. These include Inbound/Outbound Phone, Outbound Dialers, Email, Chat, SMS and Social Media Support.

Multi-lingual Support

We offer multi-lingual agents as part of our Servicing model. While our clients value the fact that our Agents are native English speakers; other languages are commonly spoken throughout the world.

Our Agents

All of our Agents, both remote and in-house are employed directly by Inetpact. Our ideal Agent exhibits high touch phone skills, excellent written skills and are familiar with today’s technology.

Dedicated Agent Model

Dedicated Agents are a great choice for high volume accounts that are either informationally intensive and require service levels above the 80/30 offered through our Blended support.

Call Recording

The call-recording component enables both quality and compliance for our customers. It also ensures PCI DSS Compliance and other quality merits.

Customized IVR

An IVR is so much more than pressing a DTMF tone for a menu. We approach it as setting the stage for a successful interaction that supports your company brand.

Surveys & Outbound Call Campaigns

The outbound component to customer care is a great opportunity to build sustainable communication and longevity with new or existing clients and customers.

Customer Relationship Management

When it comes to all things customers care, the CRM is your most valuable asset. When the company logs customers, contacts and interactions directly and the agents providing the support.

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